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When and Where
  • 10/8/2021 9:00 AM EDT
  • 10/8/2021 3:00 PM EDT

With Dr. Imani Jones, Program Manager of the Department of Chaplaincy and CPE, Ohio State University (Columbus, OH).



African American culture signifies distinct racial and ethnic experiences that are unique due to the deeply rooted history of slavery, racism and discrimination, current experiences of systemic racism and oppression, and the legacy of African lineage and heritage. Having a one size fits all approach to education and supervision that privileges Eurocentric theoretical frameworks when working with African American students essentially turns a blind eye to these factors and how they impact African American students and the families from which they come.


Operating in such a way is a barrier to practitioners’ ability to have a contextual understanding of the complexities of how such families tend to be structured, and the multi-faceted reasons why African American families engage in certain patterns of behavior.


This workshop will reframe how a variety of family systems theories can be used to understand how race, ethnicity and racism impact family structures, processes, and racial identity formation and development. During this session, we will have time for Question and Response, and group discussion.



·      Provide a contextually relevant perspective of African American families with consideration to the historical and current impact of race and racism on the social locations, family structures, processes and racial identity formation and development.


·      Provide theoretical and practical application and culturally sensitive alternatives for clinicians and practitioners who work with African Americans that move beyond traditional Eurocentric family systems theories.


·      Illuminate the diversity among African American families that is often overlooked and misunderstood in supervisory and therapeutic relationships.


·      Offer an application of family systems theory to understand how race, ethnicity and racism impact family structures, processes, and racial identity formation and development


 We welcome our ACPE community to join the ECCOP for this event, including:

·      ECCoP members

·      CPE Students

·      Pastoral Psychotherapists – up to 3 CEs will be available through NBCC at a cost of $15.

·      Spiritual Care practitioners


We will meet via Teams and you will register through ACPE website.

The event will be free.

Licensed Clinical Counselors may apply for 3 CE hours from NBCC for the session. The cost for the 3 CE hours is $15.